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WE EARNED $500 - Thank You Participants!!!

Our home in San Ignacio. Photo by Miss O

Our home in San Ignacio. Photo by Miss O

Time Is Fleeting...

The above photo is just one of the many budget accommodations that can be booked through Travellerspoint. Okay, maybe it isn't - I haven't checked - but, if it is, it will be under the "Camping" section. Anyway, let's get down to the business at hand as it's great stuff!!

The Important Part

  • Until the end of November, Travellerspoint will add $1 into the Travellerspoint Foundation's coffers for every review posted in our accommodation area!
  • The Travellerspoint Foundation in turn lends this money through Kiva to Entrepreneurs in developing countries.

For those of you unfamiliar with the TP Foundation, you can follow the "money trail" at Kiva Lender: Travellerspoint Foundation. To date, 56 loans have been made with many more to follow. We have seen great success with the loan repayments and no Entrepreneur has defaulted on any of our loans. You can also follow the activity via this blog. (Please bookmark it. Thanks!)

  • At the end of the month Travellerspoint will tally up the number of reviews and donate that amount to the Foundation!

The Travellerspoint Foundation and the Entrepreneurs at Kiva thank you in advance for your participation! Now, go! Write a review! And, don't forget to laugh and be happy! ;)

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