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August 2009

"The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of."

Thank you Sam Spade...

Cloth Maker 1. Photo by Daver141

Cloth Maker 1. Photo by Daver141

Questions Asked - Questions Answered

Not long ago, in the Join the Travellerspoint Foundation, I was asked certain questions about the funding. These questions are worthy ones and definitely ones of import. In case you missed the thread, I am posting the information here.


Quan Zhang asked:

Hey, in the links to the individual applicants, there's a "days left" field on the right hand side. What happens when that time expires? Just out of curiosity. Do the individuals just get what's been donated ? Does Kiva make up the difference ? Do they get nothing?

My reply:

Good questions, Q! And, I think I have the answers for you. (Just went back over Kiva's site and the Kivafriends forum section to verify.)

According to Kivafriends, no loan request - to date as of the end of June - has gone unfunded. That may have changed but it doesn't appear that it has - yet. There is a group of lenders who are literally searching for Entrepreneurs who's time is in the "red zone" (2.5 days or less to go) and they come to the rescue. They are quite pleased with their success rate.

If an Entrepreneur is not fully funded by the end of the 30 days, the request is removed from the Kiva site and the MFI responsible for the actual loan is contacted. The MFI is in charge of supplying the real loan to the Entrepreneur and they do not rely solely on Kiva for the money. Kiva is just one avenue the MFI uses to secure funds.

It is possible that an Entrepreneur could receive nothing in the end. If they are not funded fully via Kiva, and the MFI has not secured funding from any other source(s), then yes - the Entrepreneur loses out at that time. But, the Entrepreneur can reapply again and again for Kiva funding through their MFI. Also, the money Kiva had collected towards the loan would be returned to each lender and placed in their individual Kiva accounts.

This subject (incomplete funding) is of some debate on Kivafriends. The above mentioned group of rescuers are also finding issue with some of the MFIs and the way the Entrepreneur descriptions are written. Basically - quite poorly. The MFIs are responsible for taking the Entrepreneur's information, writing a good description and translating it into English (when necessary). There are some profiles that have not been translated which makes it hard for lenders. If they don't know what's being described, they won't choose that recipient. The group vacillates between rescuing a recipient and letting them go unfunded. If they come to the rescue, the MFI will not likely improve their writing skills. If left unfunded, the recipient may not come back to try again. It appears they have chosen to get the "bad writing" point across to Kiva in other ways at the moment.

Honestly, two weeks ago, I was concerned our Peruvian group wasn't going to be funded in time. They still had quite a sum needed at 3 days out but, within 24 hours, they had it all.


Travellerspoint Foundation has made eight loans during two loan periods (8-05-09 & 8-19-09). To date, all but one (so far) have been fully funded. Within each group of four loans, there has been one Entrepreneur (or group of Entrepreneurs) who has taken longer to become funded. Presently, we are hoping that Abdufatto Ganiev (Istaravshan, Tajikistan) will receive 100% funding within the next 18 days. (The time remaining on his loan request.) I have faith that Mr. Ganiev will receive the full amount of his request in time. If he hasn't been successful by the 2.5 day "red-line" time period, I will be placing a "call" to the Kiva "Rescuers" for help. And, if needed, I will loan an additional $50 to his cause.
(*The "red-line" time period is the period in which an Entrepreneur's status on the Kiva website literally appears in red. It allows Kiva members to see who is in dire need of help.)

Repayments for all of the loans we have made start coming due October 1, 2009. This does not mean that we will receive our full $50.00/loan as of that date. Each Entrepreneur will make their payment, it is divided up by the number of contributors and we will receive our portion. As stated previously - we're in for a penny - in for a pound. In reality, we're in it because it's the right thing to do for those who need our help. Thank you all!!!


In the time it took me to write this blog entry and take care of some laundry - Mr. Ganiev has only has $775.00 left to be funded. He has also been chosen as one of Kiva's Featured Entrepreneurs!!! It looks like he will be fully funded within the next few days which is a good thing!!! It's amazing how this magic really works in mysterious ways...

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Until Upon The Street I Met A Man Who Had No Feet

View Toyin Ayoola - Lagos State, Nigeria & Abdufatto Ganiev - Istaravshan, Tajikistan & Batrentsen Sonom - Tsetserleg, Arhangai, Mongolia & Kasokoso Central 1 West Nadego Regina Group - Iganga, Uganda on Foundation's travel map.

No Shoes. Photo by Isadora

No Shoes. Photo by Isadora

I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street I met a man who had no feet.
Ancient Persian Saying


I normally start my blog entry with "Welcome Happy Campers!" or "Welcome again kind friends, neighbors, acquaintances, total strangers, pets of the aforementioned, and anyone else reading this at the moment." or something similar. But, those of you who are reading these blog entries regularly are probably feeling "welcomed" enough - then again, maybe not... Just to play it safe - WELCOME TO BLOG ENTRY #8 - and enjoy this portion of "Hiking The Money Trail"!! Yup, it's going to be an ongoing theme from now on...


Please fasten your seat belts, make sure your seat backs are in the upright and locked positions and that your tray tables are securely held in place by that little do-hickey thing affixed to the back of the seat in front of you that the last kid on the plane tried to pry off with his Transformers™ action figure. Forget about the oxygen masks. You won't be needing them. I didn't spend that much of your money. Only $200 worth. Don't believe me? Take a look!!!

Oh, and keep reading because WTPF'S Travel Unravelled and Book Club updates are saved for last. Hey, they are still worth checking out because, thanks to them, we've earned more money.


Toyin Ayoola, Nigeria.  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Toyin Ayoola, Nigeria. Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Kasokoso Central 1 West Nadego Regina Group, Uganda.  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Kasokoso Central 1 West Nadego Regina Group, Uganda. Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Batrentsen Sonom, Mongolia.  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Batrentsen Sonom, Mongolia. Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Abdufatto Ganiev, Tajikistan.  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Abdufatto Ganiev, Tajikistan. Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

In the last blog entry, Hiking The Money Trail, I explained how I would be choosing the Kiva Entrepreneurs, or more specifically why I will be making certain decisions about the recipients. Just as a quick reminder (or if you accidentally missed the last edition), here is the game plan. The first 4 sets of loans will fall under the headings of food, clothing, shelter and health. Education may replace the health category if no Entrepreneurs are available during that lending cycle. What comes after those 4 issues have been addressed is still a work in progress.




A new entry has been posted in the Travel Unravelled Blog. Eric (aka dr. pepper) has kindly given us hints on how to make our blogs better - be it travel-related or just personal stuff. Please check out 7 Ways to Improve Your Travel Blog because it's really informative. Okay, he says Travel Blog but the "7 Ways" will work for anything. 7 Ways to Improve Your Daily Diary Blog, 7 Ways to Improve Your "I Hate My Boyfriend/Girlfriend" Blog, 7 Ways to Improve Your Whatever Blog. (You get my point, and Eric's.) Anyway, check it out!

Oh, and don't forget to submit your own Travel Unravelled entry! TPF earns $5.00 for each published piece. Plus, you get your name in lights and accolades and all sorts of cool stuff! Well, we haven't gotten all the cool stuff yet so you're stuck with accolades and your name in lights as soon as we find the right switch. We're bound to find it soon!

To date, we've had 5 published entries which have brought in $25.00 for Kiva. Thank you, TP! (That's a loan's worth!!)


A new entry has also been made in The Book Club Blog. Claire312 has added her second book review - Married to a Bedouin by Marguerite van Geldermalsen. Claire and her husband are about to embark on a year-long RTW adventure via a motorhome (campervan). If you want to read more about Claire's soon-to-be adventure - visit: European Adventures.

Please check out the book reviews and remember, any links you follow back to Amazon ending in a purchase is additional funds in TPF's coffers. To date, the Amazon Associates coffer is up to $11.02. Those funds will be transfered to the TPF bank account at the end of the month. There's still time to add to the pot....

Looks like that's all the news I have to share this time around so see you in two weeks!! THANKS again for stopping by for a visit as it's been a pleasure and, of course, that's just my two cents worth...

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Or, In For A Penny - In For A Pound: Volume Two

View Jehova Es Mi Pastor 1-3 Group - San Pedro De Macorís, Dominican Republic & Cusi Ccoyllor De Chinchero Group - Chincheros, Peru & Pel Ly's Group - Siem Reap, Cambodia & Aminata Ndao - Dakar, Senegal on Foundation's travel map.

Welcome again kind friends, neighbors, acquaintances, total strangers, pets of the aforementioned, and anyone else reading this at the moment. In the humble words of Crosby, Stills & Nash, "It's been a long time comin'..." but that time has finally arrived and I absolutely need to share this news with all of you!! No! Really! I can't keep it to myself any longer!!


Okay, we've spent some of your money. Actually, we've spent $200.00 of your money. On Wednesday (August 5, 2009), the Foundation made four Kiva loans in the amount of $50.00 each. Rather than me taking up valuable space describing each of the Entrepreneurs, I'll let Kiva do that instead. Click the image (or "Courtesy of" link for each one) to be taken to their respective Kiva profiles. They explain things much better than I could do in a sentence or two. (Oh, keep reading because there will be more (important) details at the end.)


Aminata Ndao, Senegal.  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Aminata Ndao, Senegal. Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Pel Lys Group, Cambodia.  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Pel Lys Group, Cambodia. Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Cusi Ccoyllor De Chinchero Group, Peru.  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Cusi Ccoyllor De Chinchero Group, Peru. Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Jehova Es Mi Pastor 1-3 Group, Dominican Republic.  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Jehova Es Mi Pastor 1-3 Group, Dominican Republic. Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

CHECK OUT OUR ENTREPRENEUR'S MAP TOO! It's pretty cool!! And, you'll be able to follow the money trail! WOOHOO!!


So glad you asked!!!
On July 28th, TPF's PayPal account received an $850.00 contribution thanks to the Tour de France Wiki Competiton. On July 29th, the AdSense earnings of $118.13 were also transfered over to PayPal. (That one took a few days.) By August 5th, the transfer was completed and a total of $950.00 was placed in TPF's Kiva account. (We have a whopping $18.13 remaining on PayPal just waiting for some more friends (contributions) to stop by.) As mentioned in the last blog entry, that $950 could have been used to make 38 loans immediately. That seemed a bit excessive all at once. It also meant a lot of tracking, mapping, a very long blog entry, and an even longer waiting time before more funds would be available. Where's the fun in that?!

The Foundation will be making regularly scheduled Kiva loans over the next few months - well, 2.375 months to be exact. A set of four $50.00 loans will be made every two weeks, encompassing all parts of the world and all walks of life. In thinking about how Entrepreneurs should be chosen - randomly or with a designated purpose - the "purpose" approach won. What does everyone need for survival? Tops on the list should be: 1) food, 2) clothing, 3) shelter and 4) health because they are the basic necessities of life.

As you've seen (if you clicked the photos), these first four loans centered around food in one way or another because food is, after all, crucial to everyone's survival. Hopefully, the next set of four will revolve around the manufacturing of clothing. Following that, it will be supporting the construction of shelter and then supporting small clinics/health care facilities and personnel. It's a plan. One that may be subject to change depending on available Entrepreneurs in any given endeavor. But, it's a start and one we hope will work well.



Please check out the Travel Unravelled blog. Again, it is designed to be a self help project where you, as travelers, have the opportunity to help others with their adventures. Click here for more details and the article submission process. (PS: TPF will receive a $5.00 contribution for each published article.)


Please check out The Book Club blog too. TP members are encouraged to submit reviews about books they have read (good or bad) while sitting in airports or bus stations or coffee houses or wherever. Please click here for more details and submission information. (PS: TPF will receive contributions through the Amazon Affiliates program when purchases are made (on Amazon) by following a book review link. Those purchases don't need to be just books either.)

Again, thank you for visiting the TP Foundation's blog!!!! Stay tuned to WTPF for the latest breaking news about our Entrepreneur loans and other neat stuff!!! (And, that's just my two cents worth...)

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