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June 2009


As dawn breaks, Isa stands on the street corner hawking the TP Times... "Extra! Extra! Hot off the presses! Breaking news you don't want to miss! You won't be seeing this on your 6:00 news so get a copy while you can! Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!!"


The Book Club - Travellerspoint's Book Review Blog
The Travellerspoint Foundation is extremely proud to announce the launch of it's first, of two, new programs. The Book Club blog is an extension of the Off Topic Forum The TP Book Club is now in session thread, which saw its beginnings in 2005. Due to its success, (our illustrious Overlord) Peter, felt an expansion of the thread to a blog would be an excellent idea. It is. It also appears that no other travel website has an area specifically dedicated to book reviews. (To be fair - none that have been found anyway.) The grand scheme: Let's be the first and conquer the world book by lovely book!!!!! Oh, guess you want to know the rules, eh? Okay - here they are:

    • All members, regardless of rank, are welcome to submit book reviews.
    • Each potential reviewer must contact Peter, Eric or me to be added as a blog author.
    • At that time, each author will have access to the Book Review Style Guide, which will explain how to make the appropriate Amazon affiliation links, insert images, etc. (The Guide and it's format are currently "under construction" by Overlord Eric.)
    • All books - old or new, travel-related or not, are accepted.
    • Note - The "Debbie Does Dallas" comic books do not qualify and will be removed. Just a heads-up.

The TP Foundation applied for and has been accepted as an Amazon Associate too. This is how it works:

    • Reviewed book titles will be linked to Amazon.com. (The Style Guide will explain how authors make these links themselves.)
    • References to any additional titles, by the same or other authors, in a review can also be linked to Amazon.com.
    • Purchases made on Amazon that originated by someone clicking a link on TP, will generate income for the TP Foundation who is listed as the Associate.
    • All Associate earnings will be added to the TP Foundation fund and contributed to Kiva in the form of entrepreneurial loans.

By the way, Peter's feeling a bit lonely out there being the only reviewer thus far... So, let's write some reviews to keep his company and read, read, read, read, read!!!

A Traveller's Self Help Guide Blog
This particular program will be coming to a blog near you any day now! Presently, it is in the final stages of development so you won't have to wait too long to become a participant. As with The Book Club, this guide is being launched under the TP Foundation's umbrella. Yes, we understand it's not the catchiest of titles... But, that's okay because it's not really the title! It's just the subtitle and we happen to like it - a lot. So, what do we mean by "self help guide"? Well, glad you asked!

A Traveller's Self Help Guide will be a blog where TP members contribute helpful information on any number of subjects. As Peter put it to me initially: We would have blog posts on any topics that help travellers be better at travelling. The types of entries I imagine are things like "How to do your banking while travelling" or "How not to get mugged" or "How to keep a blog"... I couldn't have explained it any better myself. With that said, it's time for the "how this blog will work" stuff. Yup, different than the Book Club submissions.

    • All members, regardless of rank, are welcome to submit content.
    • All entries are to be sent to the "Central Submissions Desk" in triplicate. (The submission format and "Central Submissions Desk" aspects are still being worked through at this time.) Okay, just kidding - single copy only unless otherwise requested. No. Really. Don't need three copies.
    • Each entry will be reviewed to ensure proper formatting and grammar by one of the Guide editors. (For more info about Editors - keep reading! Had to keep you interested somehow...)
    • All members submitting entries will have their hands stamped and identities confirmed by robot people.
    • That's all, folks!

A Traveller's Self Help Guide Editors
Please give a rousing round of applause for and a big welcome to the brave souls who have accepted the arduous job of Guide Editor!!! Shall we start with ladies first? Oh, yes, good idea!

    • tway - Our resident copywriter extraordinaire from the land of moose - Canada.
    • GregW - Our resident blogger par excellence, now roaming around the UK somewhere.
    • Piecar - Our resident ex-pat non-sequitur storyteller currently in the Caribbean.
    • zaksame - Our resident Irish writer living and writing in (guess where) Ireland.

THANK YOU ALL - CONTRIBUTORS AND EDITORS ALIKE!!!!!!!! Your sacrifices to the cause are greatly appreciated!! And, we look forward to some very interesting self-help tips. The way we look at it - nothing better than helping someone help themselves while out on an adventure and exploring the world!!

Travellerspoint Wiki/AdSense Program
Yes, I'm almost done! Promise! We reached our $100 threshold on June 12th, which meant the payment hold was removed so the funds could be processed. Those funds are now being audited by AdSense to ensure no click discrepancies. (Part of their T&Cs.) Even though the threshold was reached mid-month, they do their reviews at the end of each month. Sorry - we have to wait just a little bit longer. Not my fault. I'm as anxious to make those first Kiva loans as all of you. The good news - the ending balance for June was $117.28 which ain't all bad!!!

Once again, a very large THANK YOU to all who have chosen to participate!!!!

ps: Sorry - our musical entertainment for this month had to cancel... Oh well... Maybe next month...

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Is Anybody Out There?

As Isa enters the TP Auditorium to welcome everyone and to present the next installment of the Our Two Cents Worth... Foundation blog, she trips on the stairs... "How very odd", she thinks to herself, "The auditorium is dark and there seems to be no one in the audience. Did I get the date wrong and it's really Cheap Trashy Horror Night at the TP Movies?" Isa leaves to find the light switches then quickly returns to the stage to wait for awhile.

Suddenly, the entrance door opens and a head peaks in. "Are we in the right place for the TP Foundation presentation?" "YES! Contestants, ermmm, I mean members, come on down!" replies Isa (sounding a bit like Bob Barker on the Price Is Right morning game show). Slowly the members file in and find their seats. "Alrighty, let's get this party started, shall we?!" With that, Isa begins the presentation...

Once again, I welcome everyone to the monthly installment of the TP Foundation's blog. I have good news and I have bad news. Which would you like first? (A call for bad news first echoes through the auditorium.) Okay, bad news first, it is. Always a good choice - get it over with and then move on. I like your thinking! The bad news: Our membership has remained unchanged since April. Where is everybody? Hello... Can anybody hear me?? This is a great cause, people! I don't mean to be pushy but... (With that, Isa now decides she better rephrase her comments and find a way to bring more members into the Foundation's fold. So, here goes...)

I have been trying to come up with creative ways to entice more members to participate in the Foundation program without violating the Terms & Conditions of both AdSense and TP itself. Unlike the Photo Competitions, we can't offer hotel accommodation vouchers nor travel logs nor even upgraded photo space. Frequent flier miles would have been an option had the airlines been cooperative - they weren't. So, given those "can not do" items, what can I do? I need some input from you. To help out, here is a short list of what we (again) can not do:

    • Contests - nope - out of the question.
    • Advertisements on every page - nope.
    • Mass PMs/e-mails - nope.
    • Holding members for ransom - nope again.
    • Giving the Overlords lots of code to write - good luck with that.
    • Threatening to break TP - been there, done that to no avail.

If anyone has suggestions that do not go against the (AdSense/TP) T&Cs or the list of "nope" things, please contact me via PM or at foundation@travellerspoint.org. I have contacted Bono and Eric Clapton about a benefit concert (they owe me some favors) but it seems they are incognito at the moment. Go fig...

For those of you who are new to the foundation blog and would like more information about it's workings, please see the In For A Penny, In For A Pound and For What It's Worth... entries. Also check out the Travellerspoint Foundation wiki page and the Join the Travellerspoint Foundation thread.

Oooohhh, almost forgot the good news!!! As of right this minute, we have $89.16 in the Foundation account. We are so close to our first $100.00 goal!!!! Rather like the Timex watch that just keeps on tickin', hopefully, our members will just keep on clickin'!

So, I now leave you with our entertainment for this evening... Please give a round of applause for the Derek Trucks Band performing I Wish I Knew!!!!!!! (And, that's just my two cents worth...)

I wish I knew how it would feel to be free
I wish I could break all the chains holding me
I wish I could see everything I had to see
Sing it loud, sing it clear, for the whole round world to hear

I wish I could share all the love that's in my heart
Remove all the bars that keep us apart
I wish you knew how it would feel to be me
Then you'd see, and agree, everyone should be free

I wish I could give all I'm longing to give
I wish I could live like I'm longing to live
I wish I could do everything that I could do
Though I'm way overdue, I'd be starting anew

I wish I could be like a bird in the sky
How sweet it would be if I found I could fly
I'd soar to the sun and look down at the sea
And I'd sing 'cause I know
I sing because I know
I sing because I know
I sing because I know everyone should be free

Guess what? It's graph time!!!!


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