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Celebration Photo by Isadora

Celebration Photo by Isadora


Yes, that is correct, we've been doing business for a full two years now. Life is good! Granted, the 'real' starting date was March 7, 2009, when the AdSense contributions were first put into play. But, April 1, 2009 was the launch of the TPF 'Our Two Cents Worth' blog. Which either date you choose - we've been going strong and have made some great investments.

In honor of this landmark, eight more loans have been made in the amount of $100.00/each. We have been fortunate in several ways. We have maintained our AdSense contributors, we have had zero loan defaults through Kiva, our loan potential has increased dramatically and we've gained several new members to the Kiva TP Team.

To see what's been happening, here are the links:

Travellerspoint Foundation's Awesome Lender Page and the Awesome Kiva Lending Team: Travellerspoint Travel Community

WTPF Latest Local News Updates


TPF has recently made it 76th loan on Kiva. As mentioned, eight loans of $100.00/each were completed on March 30, 2011. That date also marked the anniversary of the TP Foundation joining Kiva. (Our first loans were not made until August of 2009 because we needed money. The original $13.50 wasn't enough to do the trick.) On the upside, we've made $4440 in loans over the past 2 years.

Currently, we have $393.87 remaining in the Kiva account and $1861.10 in outstanding loans. Only one Entrepreneur is still raising funds. Click the Awesome Lender Page link (above) to follow our progress.


Travel Unravelled earned $5.00 in February through the Travel Unravelled's Q&A Project. The rules for the project have been changed a bit so please check it out! The time limit restrictions have been removed and answers can be posted in question threads. (You'll be able to recognize them by their titles and that they are stickied in the General Talk Forum.)

Additionally, If you have tips and tricks for your fellow travellers, then join us in educating travellers worldwide. To get started, send our editors an email at unravelled [at] travellerspoint [dot] com. Let them know a bit about yourself, and maybe include some writing samples and ideas for entries. They will review your submission and, if you fit the bill, they will welcome you to the team. Each published article earns $5.00 for the TP Foundation and Kiva.


One book review was published:

American Portraits: 100 Countries by Michael Clinton - Reviewer: Isadora

Have you read a book lately? Would you like to tell someone about it? It doesn't need to be travel-related nor a good review. If you have read something that was absolutely not worth anyone's time, say so. But, join the "Club" and say something because:

The Book Club is affiliated with the Amazon Associates Program. Follow a link in a review, make a purchase (books, products, gift cards, etc.) and the TP Foundation earns a percentage of the purchase price.

If you would like to contribute a book review, please contact Peter, Eric or Gretchen (me). You can also get in touch with me through foundation [at] travellerspoint [dot] com.


Currently, we have $35.08 in the AdSense account. On March 25, 2011, $121.91 was transferred to the TPF bank account.


Currently, we have $0.63 in the Associates account. On February 27, 2011, $14.06 was transferred to the TPF bank account.


As of March 28, 2011, we held a bank account balance of $140.13. On March 31, 2011, a transfer to the TPF PayPal account, in the amount of $135.00, was initiated. Once completed, that money will be transferred to the Kiva account. (Yeah, PayPal transfers take a few days. Such is life.)


Once again, I thank everyone who has chosen to be a participant in the TP Foundation. We're only two years old but have done great things! Anyway, I'm personally impressed. We've gone from two digits to four digits in front of that decimal point when it comes to loans. (Meaning $13.50 to $4440.00, just to be clear.) To everyone who contributes, please take a moment to pat yourself on the back for being part of a great project. If I could, I would thank all of you in person. I'm afraid that's not possible at the moment but... You have my gratitude big time!! Thank you!!

ps: Thanks to the Mindbenders for a great title and great song.

Posted by Isadora 12:17

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The TP Foundation has built a world of trust.
I observe some programs that fund the education in China. Any similar thinkings in your mind. How about other members?


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