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Charco Verde Lagoon.  Photo by marlis

Charco Verde Lagoon. Photo by marlis

It's Been Awhile

I feel the need to take this time and apologize to all of you. It's been several weeks since our last Kiva contributions - for that, I am truly sorry. I realize most of us have "real world" things that get in our way sometimes and I am no exception. Unfortunately (for TPF) my "real world" stuff demanded my attention longer than anticipated. But, we're back in business. As of April 17th, four more Kiva loans have been made. I hope you like my choices this time around.

*On that note, if anyone has suggestions for the types of loans they would like to see, please let me know: foundation [at] travellerspoint [dot] org


Pahuichi Group, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Pahuichi Group, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Bilma Bonilla Cruz, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Bilma Bonilla Cruz, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Selepa Falesa, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Selepa Falesa, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Javier Alvarado Rojas, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Javier Alvarado Rojas, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org




As of April 17th, TPF has made 40 - $50.00 loans to Kiva Entrepreneurs. Of those, seven have been repaid in full. The remaining 33 recipients are in repayment mode at this time and, again, we've seen no loan defaults. In just over a year, we have been able to make loans totaling $2000.00 USD. Not bad for "a penny here and a penny there" project. (Okay, that's simply put but that's exactly how we started out last year.)

The Kiva project has truly become self-sufficient. Our loan repayments equaled $167.76 for Feb/Mar and $131.03 for Mar/Apr. (Repayments are made on the 15th of each month - in case you were wondering.) Between the repayments and funds received from AdSense and Amazon, our Kiva balance was $591.35 - that was until the last four loans were made... We're at $391.35 now. Oh look, we can make four more loans in two weeks! WooHoo!!! Seriously!!!! WooHoo!!! (I'm jazzed, what can I say... I know - shut up and get on with it.) :)

To follow the TPF loans, checkout: Travellerspoint Foundation on Kiva.


I am sad to say there have been no new submissions to the TU blog.
Someone please send an article. I hate having to cry in public. Our editors are really, really, really bored. Send two or three. We'll make them look pretty. Pictures and everything. Include your own photos. We're easy - and at the moment- free!!!

If you have an idea for a TU entry, please send an e-mail to unravelled [at] travellerspoint [dot] com. Include your subject, a short description of the material you would like to cover and a request to be added as an author. If possible, send a short sample of your entry. The TP Foundation earns $5.00 from every published submission.


There has been one new submission to the Book Club:

The Blue Sweater By Jacqueline Novogratz - Reviewer: Eric Daams (dr.pepper)

The Book Club is affiliated with the Amazon Associates Program. Follow a link in a review, make a purchase (books, products, gift cards, etc.) and the TP Foundation earns a percentage of the purchase price.


The Hippo Roller Challenge was hoping to have 20 million characters added to the Travel Guide (Wiki). That would have donated 63 rollers to villages in Africa. Alas, that goal was not reached. (We also had the offer of 2 rollers being donated by Michael Burn (Utrecht), out of his own pocket, had we reached the goal.) But, 17 million characters were added and now 7 Hippo rollers will be donated to the Hippo Water Roller Project.

Let's give all those who participated in the challenge a round of applause as they deserve our recognition!!!!


On February 24, 2010 - AdSense transfered $124.45 to the TPF account. Since that pay out, the account now holds $90.22 and growing quickly.


On february 24, 2101 - Amazon transfered $96.52 to the TPF account. Since that pay out, the account now holds $6.88 and growing slowly. Could someone please click on some Book Club links and buy a few things? Please? Pretty Please???


Regardless of all my whining for more TU submissions and Book Club reviews, the Foundation has been doing a phenomenal job at earning funds and making Kiva loans. The Hippo Roller Project has also been a huge success. Thank you to everyone and that's just my two cents worth...

I wish I knew how, it would feel to be free
I wish I could break, all the chains holding me
I wish I could see, everything I had to see
Sing it loud, sing it clear, for the whole round world to hear

I wish I could share, all the love that's in my heart
Remove all the bars, that keep us apart
I wish you knew, how it would feel to be me
Then you'd see, and agree, everyone should be free

  • Thank you to the Derek Trucks Band for being my inspiration on soooo many levels. ;)

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