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And There's A Party Goin' On Around Here!!

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Okay, so I've picked really obnoxious disco music for this one but I happen to like the song. Plus, at this particular moment in time, it fits. We have things to celebrate!

As I write this, it is still March 6th in my time zone. But, for the person who originally asked me to become involved in this project, it's already March 7th. (Thank you, Peter! And, I can't leave out Sam and Eric either as we all know TPF came about through Team Daams.) ;-)

For those who are not familiar with the background of the TP Foundation, March 7th marks the day the first Adsense earnings were contributed to the cause - a whole $13.50 - woohoo! It wasn't much but it's what we had to work with at the time. Since then, the Foundation has grown and prospered in many ways. Over time, funding through the Amazon Associates Program (via The Book Club), and the Travel Unravelled blog have been added. We also have earned a certain amount of income from competitions, such as generated by the Tour de France wiki article contributions. All in all, we have been able to make 36 - $50.00 (USD) loans over the past year. It took awhile to see the funds actually available for those first 4 loans, but it's been on-going process ever since.

Anyway, let me introduce you to our latest Kiva Entrepreneurs. I will finish with some really awesome stuff after the picture show. (Don't go away!)

Edward Chuula Akanga, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Edward Chuula Akanga, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Chyibylova Aysalkyn's Group, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Chyibylova Aysalkyn's Group, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Sour Mok, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Sour Mok, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Pen Ra, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Pen Ra, Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org




Here comes the awesome news!

As stated above, TPF has made 36 - $50.00 loans over time. Of those, we have had 4 completely repaid and 32 are in repayment stage. We have not had one default, refund or any other hiccups. In fact, of the 4 who have finished their repayments - all were completed ahead of the scheduled time frame.

I have made a point of not choosing just those who would be the "safe bet" on repayments. Instead, I have made the choices across the board in regards to sector (agriculture, services, etc), region and need. The "ability to repay the loan" became a non-issue for me early on - a non-issue I plan to continue following. Having failed myself at times, I believe everyone (at least in my mind's eye) deserves a chance to succeed.

To follow the TPF loans, checkout: Travellerspoint Foundation on Kiva.


There has been one new submission to the TU blog:

The Art of Shared Sleeping by Maaret Virtanen (Ofelia)

If you have an idea for a TU entry, please send an e-mail to unravelled [at] travellerspoint [dot] com. Include your subject, a short description of the material you would like to cover and a request to be added as an author. If possible, send a short sample of your entry. The TP Foundation earns $5.00 from every published submission.


There has been one new submission to the Book Club also:

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba - Reviewer: Eric Daams (dr.pepper)

The Book Club is affiliated with the Amazon Associates Program. Follow a link in a review, make a purchase (books, products, gift cards, etc.) and the TP Foundation earns a percentage of the purchase price.


Over the last two weeks, TPF has received funds from Travel Unravelled, AdSense and Amazon Associates. A total of $275.00 has just been transferred to Kiva. We have a balance of $292.56 and will be making 4 - $50.00 loans again on March 13th. Stay tuned to meet the next recipients!!!

Until next time, that's just my two cents worth! Now, go and celebrate!!!!!!!

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Great stuff! $1800 worth of loans in a year is not too bad at all I say :) Well done everyone who has taken part, either by writing, contributing to the Tour de France competition or by using the Foundation's adsense number!

by Peter

Woot, woot; pretty cool indeed! And I love the fact that the money will be able to be re-loaned again over time. It just gets better and better :)

by Sam I Am

The last 8 loans (Feb. 6h & Feb, 27th) were all funded using loan repayment money only. The upcoming ones on Mar. 13th will be made using the latest program earnings. But, a large number of repayments will take place around March 15th, generating enough for 4 additional loans Mar. 27th. Pretty cool! ;)

by Isadora

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