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Offering coins, by monkyhands

Offering coins, by monkyhands

So, I said I would be back and here I am... Though, only for a few brief comments and to show off a bit of math. No, you don't have to do the math. I had to do the math. I hate math. But, I did it anyway because our accountants threatened me with bodily harm if I didn't do the math. Luckily for me, the calculator didn't die halfway through.

For those of you who really like numbers, or just have an strange curiosity about how well I can add and subtract, I shall now try to make the end of the year financial report interesting. (Well, I did say "try"... I make no promises...)



TPF officially began it's financial career on March 7, 2009 with a grand total of $13.50 as seed money. Basically, it was all I had earned through Adsense up to that point. It was a start. As of December 31, 2009, contributions totaled $320.15 with 2 pay outs of $117.15 (July) and $109.27 (October), respectively. The remaining $93.73 is just waiting for more friends to arrive during 2010. (Actually, we'll be due for another payment at the end of January. WOOHOO!!)


The Amazon program has earned a grand total of $119.18 since July, 2009. We received an $11.02 pay out back in October. But, December was a very profitable period and we have $108.16 in that account awaiting release. Amazon works in mysterious ways. Maybe not as mysterious as time-consuming. But, we have the time.


The poor lonely PayPal account has $3.42 in it. That's okay. It'll see an influx of funds in the very near future.


We have had 15 entries published for a total of $75.00 in earnings. We received $40 in September and have $35 still waiting on Peter. Okay, can't blame Peter as the last blog entry wasn't published until December 31st. Hey, it's January 6th so we can blame him! (Mwahahahahaha!!!!! Just kidding Pete!!! Take your time. We're not goin' anywhere.) ;-)


Back in early March, both AdSense and PayPal gave away free money. We saw $0.98 in earning just for testing the bank transfer system. Hey, that's $0.98 we didn't have in February. (That's the freebie part in case you were curious.)

In July, we received $850.00 from the Tour de France Wiki Competition. (Oh, how I like these competitive sports and those who write about them!!!)


Currently, we have $84.00 in our Kiva credit account. We have made 28 - $50 loans which means $1400 has been put to good use. Contributions from TPF's outside earnings has totaled $1125.00 and we have used $275 from loan repayments. Our loan repayments have equaled


(Here comes the math part...)

From March 7th to December 31st, TPF earned a grand total of $1365.31. We have $240.31 still sitting in various accounts. We have made Kiva loans with $1125.00 of the total. So, if you add $1125.00 and $240.31 together you should come up with $1365.31, if I'm not mistaken. Yup - just checked my calculations one more time and it worked. I even did it backwards (using subtraction - a highly useful formula) and it still works.

Now that my calculator's battery has finally decided to give up the ghost, I shall make my exit and that's just my two cents worth... Happy New Year to all and to another year filled with good deeds!!!!

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