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Have You Ever Seen A Hippo?

They Just Keep Rollin' Down The Road...

Green Park Chairs stretching to infinity, by GregW

Green Park Chairs stretching to infinity, by GregW

Yessireebob! That time has come again where I am allowed to pontificate about whatever strikes my fancy. Well, within reason. Guess what?! It just so happens I have a reason (maybe even two or three) and I am oh soooooo willing to share. I'll give everyone a couple of minutes to grab a beverage of their choice, pull up the easy chair and get comfy... (Insert "Girl From Ipanema" music here.)


Everyone situated? Excellent. Let's rock and roll...
According to Robert's Rules, this "meeting of the minds" should begin with old business. Makes sense. Especially if we were holding a bona fide committee meeting. We're not. So, into the circular file goes Robert's Rules of Order! (It was boring stuff anyway.)

Have You Ever Seen A Hippo?

Hippos, by Sponte

Hippos, by Sponte

No! I don't mean THOSE hippos!

(Are you sure those aren't rhino butts? Just checkin'...)

I mean THESE hippos:

"Collecting water can be fun!"  Photo Courtesy of hipporoller.org

"Collecting water can be fun!" Photo Courtesy of hipporoller.org

For those of you who have not been following the Wiki Travel Guide Forum (shame on you for that), a "new" (now not so new) competition was launched November 2, 2009. Aptly, it is The Hippo Roller Challenge:

"This simple technology has already transformed the lives of over 200,000 people.
A safer water supply system that has an immediate and measurable benefit."

Those words are taken from the Hippo Roller Project website and they speak volumes all on their own. It's a great cause and one that the TP Foundation is proud to support. But, it will take you, the members, to make this a success...

"The way this challenge works is very simple: The more people contribute to our wiki travel guide, the more hippo rollers we will donate. There are six milestones along the way, and whenever we reach a milestone, we'll donate a designated number of hippo rollers. The challenge will run from November 2 to February 28. If we reach 20 million characters in the wiki travel guide, we will have donated 63 hippo rollers (at $105 per barrel, a total donation of US$ 6615)!"

Not only has TP thrown down the gauntlet, so has one of our favorite members, Michael (Utrecht):

"I will add one more hipporoller IF we reach 20 million before or on the 28th of February. That's a promise! Anyone else wants to join me on that one?"

So, who's up for it? The wiki is just begging for more contributions!!!!!

Kudos to the TP Overlords for creating this challenge! I would also like to thank a couple of members named Rob and Polly for being the inspiration behind the scenes. You can read about their incredible volunteer work and bicycle journey across Africa on their blog: LONGWAYHOME. They are also contributors to the Travel Unravelled blog (see link below).

Money talks, by Magonia

Money talks, by Magonia



The current Kiva Account tallies out at $161.84. Hey, not bad since we were at $49.44 on the 6th of November! We have received $112.40 in repayments - which is ~10% of our total loan amounts. To date, all of our Entrepreneurs (who are in repayment mode presently) have paid their monthly amounts in full and on time. We still have a few that will begin their repayment cycles in December and January.



The month of November brought with it two new TU Blog entries!

Anyone Have A Stamp??? by Lil (lil_lil)

Lil has written a very good entry on the various ways one can stay in touch with friends and family while adventuring in exotic places. From postcards to mobile phones and most things in between are covered in this article.

How to Plan an Epic African Bike Ride - Part I by Rob and Polly Summerhayes (robandpol)

Rob and Polly have covered some of the important tips and tricks they have learned while touring Africa on bicycles. They are also involved with the Hippo Roller Project and Lulisandla Kwmtwana, which is an outreach program for orphaned children. You can read more about both projects on their personal blog.

How to Plan an Epic African Bike Ride - Part 2 is currently in the editing stages and slated for TU publication December 7th. So, stay tuned for more!!

Presently, we are working very hard to have one TU article published each week. But, we do seem to be having a bit of a problem with that master plan. We need some articles! (Here goes that shameless begging.) Please contact us at unravelled [at] travellerspoint [dot] com with any (and all) submission ideas you may have. As always, our Editors are ready and waiting.

Sadly, our editorial staff has had to bid farewell to one of their members this week. Brendan Harding (zaksame) has stepped down to concentrate on his own novel and other personal commitments. We are sorry to see him go but do wish him much success in his own endeavors. Thank you, Brendan, for being part of the team and we'll miss you.

On an upside, Kris Kalav (TP's illustrious beerman) has agreed to follow in Brendan's footsteps. So, please welcome our newest member to the TU editorial staff! And, by all means, send in some article submissions to keep them all busy!



November also brought two new reviews for The Book Club:

Korea: A Walk Through The Land Of Miracles by Simon Winchester - Reviewer: Rebecca B (bex76)

Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell - Reviewer: Dave (TLWH)



KIVA ACCOUNT: $161.84 ($112.40 received in repayments.)

ADSENSE ACCOUNT: $69.96 (Earnings since last pay out on October 27th.)

AMAZON ASSOC. ACCOUNT: $3.32 (Awaiting $10.46 payment for August - October earnings.)

PAYPAL ACCOUNT: $3.42 (It's just waiting for friends to stop by.)

TU BLOG CONTRIBUTIONS: $15.00 (Earnings from October and November entries.)

TOTAL TPF EARNINGS TO DATE: $1234.24 (WOOHOO!!! Not bad at all!!!)


It does appear that my time is up and they want me off the stage. I've been informed I've overstayed my welcome and Disney's "Dancing Hippos Revue from Fantasia" was to begin half an hour ago. Who knew? (I just work here.) Not wanting to be crushed by a hippo in a tutu... That's just my two cents worth and enjoy your adventures!

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