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Welcome to the second installment of Our Two Cents Worth... We thank all of you who have joined the Foundation and those who are revisiting the blog for the monthly update. (A roar of cheers and applause are heard throughout the website... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I will try not to pontificate too long but you see how well that worked back in March. Anyway, there are some important issues to cover so I will get straight to the point. Really. Starting right now.

I realize everyone who has already joined the Foundation, and those considering the option, are curious about the timeline between "now" and the Foundation's first loans to Kiva's Entrepreneurs. Honestly, there is no "clear-cut" answer to that question. Wait! Don't go away yet - I can explain.

    • The Google Adsense program, for the US, has a $100 threshold for automatic bank transfers. (Meaning - the account has to reach $100 before they release the funds for automatic transfer.) Presently, we're sitting at $55.65 so just a few more clicks and we're there.
    • When the threshold has been reached, Google audits the funds prior to release. This can take up to 30 days. (Hey, it could be less - we'll find out.)
    • Following the release of funds, there is a short transfer period before the funds are received by Kiva and distributed to the chosen Entrepreneurs.

Though "our" world may be filled with instant gratifications, those receiving our contributions have rarely known such a luxury. And, as much I wish I could snap my fingers so we could make those loans more quickly, I can't. So, please have patience with the process. We will do good in the world. Promise.

Oh, one last comment on the $100 threshold and auto banks transfers... Yes, the Foundation could have opted for receiving "hold-in-your-hand-made-of-real-paper checks for smaller amounts, which may have hastened the first loans. Ultimately, the checks would have to clear (taking 7-10 days) before the money could be transferred to Kiva. Also, I did not want to be the one to break the news that a check had been lost in the mail. The thought of being tarred and feathered or hung by the yardarm was not very appealing. (Cocktails at sunset - yes, hung by the yardarm - I'll pass.)

Okay - now that you've gotten the "bad" news, I do have good news!

    • Kiva has granted permission for TP to use the photos of the recipient Entrepreneurs in creating a "money trail". That's all I'm going to say about it at the moment but it should prove to be pretty cool visually. (See, something to look forward to, right?!)
    • Both the blog and the AdSense account have been "connected" with Google Analytics so we should get some pretty groovy graphs as time goes on. Also, the blog has been connected with Feedburner so someone - ANYONE - subscribe to the blog! Please. I'm on my hands and knees, begging! (I'm wearing kneepads so I can wait. Oh, now that just sounds wrong... Just the same - subscribe or I'll send out the TP Pirates to find you...)
    • I know there was something else but until I think of it...

I leave you with tonight's performer who is none other than the illustrious James Taylor. So... Hit it Sweet Baby James!

When you're down and troubled
And nothing, whoa nothing is going right.
Close your eyes and think of me
And soon I will be there
To brighten up even your darkest nights...

Again, a very large THANK YOU to all who have joined the cause and that's just my two cents worth....

(Hope you all enjoyed the music and for more information, check out the Travellerspoint Foundation wiki page and the Join the Travellerspoint Foundation thread.)

Oooohhhh - almost forgot the pretty graphs of April's activities... Can't have that now can we?!


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