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View Isabel Sanchez De Vargas - Pucallpa-ucayali, Peru & Ayandiji Ayamakinde - Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria & Sabouratou Owatunde - Agoe, Togo & Mrs. Srey Mao Srun Village Bank Group - Thnal Teaksen Village, Cambodia on Foundation's travel map.


I'm sure some of you have been wondering why there haven't been Kiva loans made recently. I'm also sure those of you following this blog will have read the The Primrose, Pine Nuts and Post-It™ Notes entry explaining the Foundation's dwindling resources. Whether you read that entry or not, doesn't matter in the long run - we were fund challenged for a short time. It's going to happen again. It's just the way the game is played at this time. In a nutshell - we earn money, wait for the release of that money, transfer that money and finally get to use that money. It's a process that takes time and patience. I have the time and I know all of you have the patience. So, let's move on to the good news, shall we?! Yes, there is good news! There's always some good news!


On November 6th, we were once again able to make 4 - $50.00 loans to Kiva Entrepreneurs. The Foundation received earnings from both the Google AdSense Program and the Amazon Associates Program. The Kiva account has also seen several repayments from previous recipients which have helped fill the coffers for this round of loans. (Please keep in mind, Kiva Entrepreneurs repay loans as we would - a certain amount per month.)

Without further ado, let me introduce you to our latest Entrepreneurs! Take it away Gang of Four!

Ayandiji Ayamakinde, Nigeria  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Ayandiji Ayamakinde, Nigeria Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Mrs. Srey Mao Srun Village Bank Group, Cambodia  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Mrs. Srey Mao Srun Village Bank Group, Cambodia Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Sabouratou Owatunde, Togo  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Sabouratou Owatunde, Togo Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Isabel Sanchez De Vargas, Peru  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Isabel Sanchez De Vargas, Peru Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org



In case anyone is wondering about the "WTPF" thingy - it's TP Foundation's FM radio call letters - or would be if we actually had a radio station. I like pretending we do...


When last reported, we had a whopping $46.54 in the Kiva account. With the influx of funds from Adsense, Amazon and loan repayments, we had a grand total of $249.44. We're now back down to $49.44 with several loan repayments due around November 15th. We may end up having to skip another loan period but as I stated above - it's the name of the game. To view our Entrepreneur repayments, please click here.


Sadly, we've had only one entry published in the TU Blog this month. Sadder yet - it was written by me. But, if you want a scintillating read - check out The Scoop on the Poop. Hey, it's everything everyone wants to know and it earned TPF $5.00. (Now you understand the HELP WANTED sign up at the top.) We need help!!!!! Submissions good and they aren't that hard to write. Really! Please contact us at unravelled [at] travellerspoint [dot] com with an article. We have 4 editors who really, really want to read your stuff!!! No, really!!!


My, my, my... The Book Club has seen only one review this month also. But, it's another good one!

Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books by Azar Nafisi - Reviewer: Kris

We received a transfer of $11.02 on October 28th. Currently, we have $10.46 in the Associates account which will be released at the end of November. Please keep in mind that Amazon funds take 60 days processing time. We will see that money in January, 2010. So, until then - shop early and often for the holidays and don't forget to follow an Amazon (book review) link. All purchases, including gift certificates, made through one of our links adds funds to the TPF account. You don't need to buy just books. Honest. It says so in the fine print.


Google Adsense transferred $109.27 on October 27th. We have $43.52 currently in the account. It's going to take a few more clicks to reach our next $100.00 threshold. As with Amazon, AdSense funds have an approximate 30 day processing time. It's gonna be a bit before we see another transfer. (Patience.)


With the transfer of the Amazon and AdSense funds ($120.29), we had a total of $128.42 in the account. A transfer of $125.00 was made to Kiva so our ending PayPal balance is now $3.42. WOOHOO! Hey - beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick (eeewwww) and more will be joining that small amount before too long.


Now that I have introduced you to our new Entrepreneurs, made my pitches for our assorted money-making "schemes" and given you the financial report - I think it's time to just shut up and finish with "That's just my two cents worth".

Oh wait - here's a little song for you too. It'll help pass the time while we wait on the "A" lists to give us more money. Take it away Bobby McFerrin!

Here is a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don't worry be happy
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don't worry, be happy......

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Slow month eh? :( Great to see some more loans made though!

And I think we'll have a bit more activity in November on Travel Unravelled from what I can tell.

by Peter

I'll keep my fingers crossed and my spreadsheet ready!!!

We will be seeing more return on Kiva loans soon too. Several will be making their first payments December 1st. We knew there would be hills and valleys - it just takes time to make that hike up those hills. ;)

by Isadora

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