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Shadow Walk  Photo Courtesy of Isadora

Shadow Walk Photo Courtesy of Isadora


Okay, you caught me. The title of this blog has nothing to do with it's content. But, admit it. You were curious. I can see the look on your face. What is this crazy woman talking about now?! To be honest, I'm here to talk about the TP Foundation once again. If you'd prefer, I could launch into my best rendition of "Let Me Entertain You" by Gypsy Rose Lee. Who is Gypsy Rose Lee, you ask? Well, I'll let you look that one up for yourselves. (Natalie Wood portrayed her in the 1962 film Gypsy".) But, I digress and now will return to the topic at hand. (Just thought I'd throw a little teaser in here for fun.)

For those of you following this blog, you will notice we do not have pictures of this week's Kiva Entrepreneurs. There's a reason for that. Yes, this was to be a "loan" week but we're a little shy on funds presently. Our objective was to make 4 - $50.00 loans every other week. We've done wonderfully so far - 20 loans given since August 5, 2009. Hey, that's nothing to sneeze at and a round of applause is given to all participants!! I know I say thank you a lot. Guess what - here it comes again... Thank you all!!!

Sands of Time  Photo Courtesy of Isadora

Sands of Time Photo Courtesy of Isadora




Our Kiva Credit Account had held steady at $46.54 until yesterday (Oct. 15th) when we received 18 loan repayments totally $73.74. We now have a grand total of $120.28 just waiting for some more friends to arrive. We need $79.72 and we'll back in business. Luckily, we should have that and a tad more by the end of the month. To view our Entrepreneur repayments, please click here.


During the month of September, the TU Blog had three blog entries published for a total of $15.00. YAY!!!!!!!!! Since that time, nada. Not nothin'. Not nowhere. I'm bummed. I seriously have 4 subjects pending (H1N1, Prescription Drugs & Travel, Entering The US With A Criminal Record and (the most important - trust me) Dealing with Diarrhea.) Now, I could write articles all day long but the blog isn't called Gretchen's Gallery of Goo or Isadora's Inn of Important Information. (It could be - but it's not.) PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Someone contact us at unravelled [at] travellerspoint [dot] com with an article. Our editors are really starting to nod off big time. They're even thinking about traveling themselves. We can't have that!


The Book Club has two new published reviews for your reading pleasure:

Amazon should be depositing $11.02 into the TPF bank account at the end of this month. To date, we have earned a total of $14.33 through book club clicks. (Basically, we can thank Peter for ordering all those gift certificates for the photography competitions.) Again, Christmas is coming so follow a link, shop early and often!!!!


We have reached out second $100 threshold through the AdSense program. In fact, there will be $109.27 that will find it's way to the bank account in the next few days.


There is a sum of $8.13 waiting patiently for company.


Everyone likes knowing the bottom line figure so I thought I'd include it. Between March 7, 2009 and September 30, 2009, the Foundation has earned a grand total of $1,142.06. This does not take into account the October Adsense donations. (It's not the end of the month - yet.) Add another $15.35 (as of this exact moment) for a total total. (The day ain't over yet either.)


Well, I don't really have an ending story so I'll just say thanks again and that's my two cents worth...

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