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By now, you all know what time it is! So, pull up a comfy chair, sit back, relax for a bit and I will tell you this week's tale of good fortune!

Tada! We have just completed the fourth set of loans to Kiva Entrepreneurs and as luck or fate or whatever you would like to call it prevailed, a light from above shone down on the Foundation this time around. I'm goin' with aliens from the star system Baba Ganoush or maybe the worms from Men In Black 1&2, but that's just me. Okay, I got it, on with the story. Anyway, as laid out in earlier entries, the category of health was to be the "Pick of the Week". It wasn't lookin' good for the home team and hadn't been for over a month. No Entrepreneurs. Not one. It appeared that Plan B (education) or even Plan C (transportation) would have to take health's place...

Au contraire!! Whether aliens or the worms, some little voices said to check Kiva on September 14th so what did I spy with my little eye - our first two Entrepreneurs. Mr. Djumakhoni was just $50 shy of his $500 request. By the following morning, Dr. Chanthy was fully funded and Ben Ruhinda's Group had made a request. (Being formally trained as a veterinary technologist, I had to definitely go with that one. They will be using the loan to purchase medications and supplies for Mr. Ruhinda's veterinary pharmacy.) With no additional (health) loan requests and none available under education, our fourth loan did indeed go towards Plan C - transportation for the delivery of fruits, vegetables and consumer goods in Lebanon.

Now, with having said all that, I shall leave you to become acquainted with our latest Entrepreneurs. I also take this time to say thank you once again for everyone's participation and support of the Travellerspoint Foundation. Oh, Don't forget to keep reading. I'll meet you back at the bottom of the pictures for more Kiva, Travel Unravelled and Book Club updates. Hey, there's news to share down there. Stop by.


Dilshodi Djumakhoni, Tajikistan  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Dilshodi Djumakhoni, Tajikistan Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Vith Chanthy, Cambodia  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Vith Chanthy, Cambodia Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Ben Ruhinda's Group, Uganda  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Ben Ruhinda's Group, Uganda Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Ali, Lebanon  Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org

Ali, Lebanon Photo Courtesy of Kiva.org




TPF has made 16 Kiva loans revolving around food, clothing, shelter, health and transportation. Of those 16 loans, 6 have begun repayments totaling $42.37, to date. Only one loan is still in the funding stage. Our current Kiva account balance is $242.37. Four more loans are scheduled for September 30, 2009. (Maybe something under education will come along between now and the 30th.) The Kiva account also received an additional $50 from the TPF PayPal account.


The TU Blog has seen 8 entries so far, the latest being: I GET THE HEX! - by Gretchen Wilson-Kalav (Isadora)

Again, each published article means a $5.00 donation to TPF. Peter recently transfered the TU Blog earnings ($40.00) to the PayPal account for a total of $58.13. As mentioned above, $50 has now been moved over to Kiva leaving $8.13 in PayPal.

TU Blog article submissions are open to everyone. If you have an idea for one, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. Include your subject, a short description of the material you would like to cover and a request to be added as an author. If possible, send a short sample of your entry. One of our very happy (and bored) editors will gladly work with you on getting an article published. (Hey - see your name in lights!!! As soon as we find that damn switch!)


A new entry has been made in The Book Club Blog by Rob Atkins (magykal1). Please check out Secrets of the Red Lantern: Stories and Vietnamese Recipes from the Heart. This book is going on my Christmas list (and hopefully, I'll be able to find tamarind at my local grocery).

Along with Rob, I've been able to add 3 additional authors so stayed tuned for more reviews!!! No, I'm not going to say who they are. You'll just have to check the blog to see what is recommended (or may not be recommended) for your reading pleasure. And yes, I will have Paradise Updated (Mic Looby) reviewed soon too. I'm not a slow reader, just a busy one.

To date, The Book Club has earned $13.31 for TPF. Of that, $11.02 should be coming our way at the end of October. (Amazon Associates works on a 60 day release cycle.) So, read a review, click on a link and make some purchases. Christmas is coming. Nothing like getting a head start on the season! Really! TPF will thank you!!


Yup, and that's just my two cents worth...

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